CCTV Security System

Ericova Project Indonusa also provide in the service and installation of CCTV video cameras, CCTV equipment providers as needed project, we serve pairs of cameras for CCTV companies, CCTV for industrial sector, office CCTV, CCTV housing and many other areas that we serve.

We do not just install the CCTV just for you but also a security consultant you in your use of CCTV devices. Besides, we also provide maintenance services for each of our service users. In official we using Digital Video Recording (DVR) CCTV camera AVTECH  brands and combination according with the budget and needs of the project. With the support of CCTV leading vendors and local suppliers CCTV, as well as CCTV experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in the installation of cameras, along with some of our experiences in the field, we are sure to be able to assist in the installation and procurement needs your CCTV camera project.

Our commitment is to provide the best in terms of price and quality of goods and services pre-sales and after-sales, for CCTV video camera that you want. We greatly appreciate the trust placed in service utilization of CCTV cameras plug in your company.



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