The Importance of Teamwork in the Company


Build a solid team work is a must and very important, because the success of a company depends on solid teamwork. Teamwork in the company not only built in one division alone but must be built among divisions collaborate so that an operational activity can be done well. Imagine if a company’s operations are not running because of the lack of good cooperation between the divisions of the company, of course, the company will suffer enormous losses.

The role of a leader in building a teamwork is very important. A leader must be able to delegate work, make decisions, and open to any idea voiced by team members and are responsible for any action taken by the team. If you are able to do so, you can build a solid team and productivity.

There are several things that can interfere with teamwork, which are:

1. Selfish

Selfishness can destroy a solid team work, if you have team members who selfishly do not be maintained even if that person has the remarkable ability, not to just because one person then the teamwork that you wake up with difficulty be messy.

2. Concerned with the interests of the individual

Never concerned with individual interests when you‘re working together, as a partnership will not succeed if any of its members concerned with the interests of each – each. All personal affairs should be set aside and prioritize common interests.

3. Leaders are not wise

Leaders who are not wise to make team members become not comfortable and if the team members have not happy then their productivity will decrease and so would be detrimental to the company. A leader must be wise and willing to accept the idea an idea given by team members then take the best decision for a common goal.

Points the points above are some things that can cause destruction of a team collaboration and to avoid this, have some tips that you can do when you want to build or improve teamwork. Here’s a way to build a solid team work:

1. Open

A solid team must be open to each other so that between fellow members can criticize (constructive criticism of course) and evaluate the work of the team. Being open among team members also can increase the creativity and productivity of work as long as everything is directed and controlled.



Tolerance among members should be owned by every solid team because without tolerance, as strong as any team that you wake up surely will not last long.

3. Mutual respect

Such as tolerance, mutual respect is also needed to build a solid team effort, no team can survive if it is not mutual respect among its members. Mutual respect can also be seen at the time of an opinion or idea, which is when an idea or opinion of one member of the team in criticism (can be seen from the submission of criticism). If you find that your team lacks mutual respect, try to collect every member of your team and discuss it.

4. Put the interests of the team
Every thing is done by the team members should be based on the interests of the team, there should be no personal element in each of carrying out the work. A leader’s job is to ensure that every member of the team involved in performing the task team should be in accordance with the agreement and completed the task on time.

5. Hold events

Occasional gatherings held together to improve the cohesiveness of the team, so the relationship between the members become stronger. Each event is made to involve every member of the team, the goal is to establish interpersonal relationships and strengthen teamwork.

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