Specification Avtech KPD 679 16channel



Video SystemNTSC / PAL (auto detection)
Video Compression FormatH.264
Video Input(Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75? BNC)16 channels
Video Output (BNC)Main Monitor Output: for stable display ( BNC)
Audio Input/Output4 audio inputs, 1 audio output (Mono)
Maximum Recording Rate (Frame)704×480 pixels with 120 IPS / 704×576 pixels with 100 IPS
Maximum Recording Rate (CIF)352×240 pixels with 480 IPS / 352×288 pixels with 400 IPS
Image Quality SettingSUPER BEST / BEST / HIGH / NORMAL
Hard Disk StorageAccommodates 2 SATA HDDs (1 HDD capacity up to 2TB)
Quick SearchTime / Motion / Alarm search mode
SATA InterfaceBuilt-in
VGA InterfaceBuilt-in
Recording ModeManual / Timer / Motion / Alarm / Remote
Multiplex OperationLive display / record / playback / backup / network operations
USB Mouse ControlYES
Motion Deteclion Area16 × 12 grids per channel
Motion Detection Sensitivity3 adjustable parameters for accurate detection
Pre-alarm RecordingYES
Backup DeviceUSB 2.0 flash drive / Network
Web Transmitting Compression FormatH.264
Ethernet10/100 Base-T. Supports remote control and live view via Ethernet
Web InterfaceLicensed software “Video Viewer” / Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser /
QuickTime player (5 users access simultaneously)
*Operating System: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
Network ProtocolTCP/IP, PPPOE, DHCP and DDNS
Basic Remote Independent OperationYES
Event NotificationBy FTP & E-Mail
R.E.T.R. (Remote Event Trigger Recording)YES
IR Remote ControlYES (IR receiver built-in)
Mobile SurveillanceYES (Including iPhone, BlackBerry, WinCE, J2ME & Android)
Picture Zoom2X digital zoom
PTZ ControlYES
Alarm I/O16 inputs, 1 output
Key Lock (Password Protection)YES
User LevelAdministrator & Operator
Video Loss DetectionYES
Camera TitleSupports up to 6 letters
Video AdjustableHue / Saturation / Contrast / Brightness
Date Display FormatYY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YY & MM/DD/YY
Daylight SavingYES
Power Source (±10%)DC 19V
Power Consumption (±10%)< 64 W
Operating Temperature10? ~ 40? (50?~104?)
Dimensions (mm)**430(W) x 65(H) x 338(D)
System RecoverySystem auto recovery after power failure
Optional PeripheralsKeyboard Controller

(Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.)

How to Choose a Website Interesting


Sometimes choosing a domain name could create a headache for the people who will create a website.

Interesting website domain name can give a big impact to the survival of your online business.

So, what should we look at when choosing a domain name for?

Check out tips on how to choose a domain name follows that I get from various sources on the internet, plus personal experience of course. .

  1. Memorable 
    A good domain name should be remembered. Sure, there is a function “bookmarks” on the internet. But choose a memorable name that would be easier for people to remember your site. Should incur impression firm and represent the business that you run. Avoid singatan and words are hard to read.
  2. Brief
    Twenty characters is the maximum. It would be better if only ten. Because domain names are long and complicated it will be difficult to others, and will be more difficult to remember.
  3. Right Extension
    There are several available domain extensions, .com for commercial enterprises, .net for network providers ISPs, .org for organizations institutions, .edu for educational institution, and .mil for military agencies. But if I may suggest, the extension .com extension by far remains the most memorable and the most widely used. Best Extension to two is .net.
  4. Easy Spelled
    Domain names are hard to spell will be difficult for you and your customers. Use common term or word. And if not possible, at least use your brand or company name. The visitor imagine how hard you remember domain name like 73sdfh.com ??? HHee ..: D
  5. Descriptive
    A good domain name really should be descriptive. Because it will allow visitors and your customers associate with your business domain name.
  6. Not using the symbol 
    Yes, you should not create domain names that contain numbers or hyphens. Because of the tendency of people when going to type the domain name of a website, usually articulated all without hyphens. If it had, the domain name should not be too long.
  7. Use a personal name or keyword targeted 
    It’s good if you want to create a blog / personal website then use personal name or nickname shorter. We can also use targeted keywords to create a website with a particular niche, such as dietsehat.com, kerjasantai.com, bisnisinternet.com, etc.
  8. Combine the brand name or company name with the type of business undertaken 
    Such as this, you has an effort in the production or sale of batik clothes, and you also have a business name such as CV. Kartika. So to help people get to know your business and business name that you live, when trying to choose a domain name can combine these two elements, be kartikabatik.com. The formula: brand + type of business, or reversed.

Well, hopefully these tips on choosing a domain name useful and can be applied when you create a website. Please feel free to explore …

Sumber : Webhostmu

Training Client July 2014

We are always trying to sound an excellent service to the customer. We always provide training to customers both software project, a website and cctv.

Project scale ranging from individual to corporate scale. We develop according to the customer request, from the training process until the handover process with appropriate and well used by the customer.




IMG_20140904_102823 IMG_20140904_103006 IMG_20140904_103110

For reservations and consultation website / software / cctv / product photography for your business or company you can add contact us at:

pin BB : 75BC816A
YM : ericovaproject
LINE : ericova
Whatsapp : 08993463715.

CV. Ericova Project Indonusa
::: Solusi Kebutuhan Website dan Software Usaha Anda :::
Office : Ruko Klampis Jaya 33N Surabaya
Telp : 031-770-19012
Fax : 031-8963256
Web : www.ericova.com
Email : info@ericova.com

Seminar SAP Soltius


Hi Ericovamili, Rabu 23 Oktober 2013 kami Ericova Project Indonusa menghadiri acara seminar untuk SAP di Shangrilla Ballroom ruang Nirwana.
Acara ini di dukung oleh Kreator Solusi Informasi (KSI) sebagai partner diSurabaya dalam bidang SAP.
Dihadiri oleh perusahaan konsultan di Surabaya dan perusahaan Besar lainnya.
Membahas mengenai software SAP, dan detil kegiatan rundown acara ada di blog ini , saya letakkan di bawah. Agar dapat diingat dan mengenang seminar ini 🙂


Acara makan siang dengan berbagai menu masakan Indonesia dan luar Indonesia



Souvenir acara ini cukup menarik yakni flashdisk di kemas dalam kotak seng bertuliskan SAP. Cukup menarik dan flashdisk 4GB Kingstone.




Foto diatas cuplikan pembicara menerangkan modul seminar.


Foto diatas adalah gambaran rundown acara kegiatan seminar. Ok sekian dan salam sukses

Rahasia PIN Blackberry

Pin blackberry itu ada dua jenis sesuai dengan spesifikasinya, kalo awalanya 2 berarti hanya suport gprs/2g, nah kalo yang awalanya 3 berarti sudah suport CDMA, dari pada bingung langsung aja saya kasih contoh blackberry yang make pin 2 dan pin 3.

Keluarga Bold
BlackBerry Bold 9000 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Bold 9700 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Bold 9650 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Bold 9780 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Bold 9790 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Bold 9900 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Bold 9930 angka awalan pin 3

Kelurga Torch
BlackBerry Torch 9800 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Torch 9810 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Torch 9850 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Torch 9860 ankga awalan pin 2

Keluarga Curve
BlackBerry Curve 8300 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Curve 8310 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Curve 8320 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Curve 8330 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Curve 8900 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Curve 8520 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Curve 8530 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Curve 9300 angka awalan pin 2 BlackBerry Curve 9330 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Curve 9350 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Curve 9360 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Curve 9370 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Curve 9380 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Curve 9220 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Curve 9320 angka awalan pin 2

Keluarga Pearl
BlackBerry Pearl 8100 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Pearl 8110 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Pearl 8120 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Pearl 8130 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Pearl 9100 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Pearl 9105 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Pearl 8220 angka awalan pin 2
BlackBerry Pearl 8230 angka awalan pin 3

Keluarga Style
BlackBerry Style 9670 angka awalan pin 3

Keluarga Storm
BlackBerry Storm 9500 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Storm 9520 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Storm 9530 angka awalan pin 3
BlackBerry Storm 9550 angka awalan pin 3

Keluarga Tour
BlackBerry Tour 9630 angka awalan pin 3

Keluarga Porsche
BlackBerry Porsche P9981 angka awalan pin 2

Catatan : Angka awalan 3 untuk device yang support 2 mode gsm / cdma atau cdma only. Angka awalan 2 untuk device yang support nerwok gsm only


MySQL Error Flush Connection

Halo Ericovamili,

Kali ini saya akan membahas masalah Database Server MySql. Ceritanya begini, saya mengirimkan sent request data dan get data ke Server MySql melalui jaringan dan saya mendapat bahwa saya di blokir (seluruh jaringan yang terhubung ke Server Database MySql). Pada pesan error, terlihat seperti dibawah ini :

Jadi Error No 1129 dengan pesan error is blocked because of many connection error unblock with ‘mysqladmin-flush-hosts’, padahal saya erornya cuman sedikit dan lebih cenderung ke banyak proses permintaan data yang buaaanyaaak sekali ke server dan memang proses agak lambat hingga 3 menit-an low permintaan data nya.

Solusi untuk masalah ini dari saya cukup gampang sekali. Cukup masuk ke Service Proses pada Windows anda kemudian STOP service MYSQL dan START kembali Service MYSQL. Lalu coba konek kembali ke Server maka Server MySQL sudah siap kembali. Okay selamat mencoba. Salam Ericovamili.